Assault rifles are ideal for mid-range combat. They feature high rates of fire, moderate damage, and large magazine sizes. They’re not as accurate as marksman rifles, but not too unwieldy in terms of bullet spread and recoil. They’re a safe weapon choice for most javelins, particularly if your arsenal loadout leans towards heavy gear and skill usage, allowing you to fall back on reliable assault rifle damage while your abilities are on cooldown.


Assault Rifle - Defender.JPG

The Defender is the standard-issue Freelancer assault rifle. Medium striking power combined with a good rate of fire make this a solid choice for most combat situations. Combine those elements with a good supply of ammo and you’ve got a well-balanced rifle that can handle most situations.

Clip Size:


Rounds Per Minute:



Elemental’s Rage

Veteran's Furor: Hitting Elite enemies increases all elemental damage by 5% for 10 seconds. Stacks to 20


Assault Rifle - Hammerhead.JPG

The Hammerhead has the greatest striking power in the assault rifle class - along with the lowest rate of fire and smallest ammunition capacity. In the tight situations where knock-down force is required and every shot counts, the Hammerhead is your best bet,

Clip Size:


Rounds Per Minute:



Ralner’s Blaze

Ignites the target while on a five hit-streak.


Assault Rifle - Warden.JPG

The Warden fires four-round cluster that deliver solid stopping power with one pull of the trigger. It has a relatively lower rate of fire, but controlled bursts increase this rifle’s ability to inflict damage. For steady, controlled suppression, the Warden does the job.

Clip Size:


Rounds Per Minute:



Divine Vengeance

Every third weak point hit causes large fire explosions.