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General Helena Tarsis

The first lancer and leader of the Legion of Dawn, Helena Tarsis is humanity's most revered and celebrated hero.  The Volume of Tarsis claims that she was the lone survivor of an escaped group of slaves, though the General reportedly spoke little about her past.

 Tarsis, her husband Garred the Chronicler, and inventor Arden Vassa recruited and trained an army to overthrow the urgoth.  At the Dawn Gates, Tarsis fell in battle preventing the urgoth's final act of vengeance, the attack on the human settlement of Antium.  Sometime after her death, she was reportedly spotted near Anshar, prompting the belief that she would rise again and inspiring construction of the Helena's Walk temple.



Haluk serves as a mentor to younger Freelancers. He is responsible for maintaining and driving the Freelancer's Strider, and has "a long history" with them. At first, he didn't want to be their teacher.

Haluk is a dedicated and legendary Freelancer, described as an "all-around badass." He is very smart and intuitive, and has been described as "old school."

Haluk is very passionate, and as a result, his mood can swing significantly. However, this doesn't come from a place of malice. Haluk is a man of extremes in his emotions. He is rarely quiet, and when it is, it means something bad has happened.



Yarrow is an old retired Freelancer, who acts as a mentor of sorts.

Currently, Yarrow worries that the traditions and worth of the Freelancers are being forgotten. He remembers when the Freelancers were more respected than they are now, and is trying to restore the group to its former glory. Soft-spoken and sombre, he is supportive of the Freelancer.

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Faye Navine

Faye Navine is a mysterious and work-obsessed cypher. She went to the more prestigious cypher schools.

Faye has always been intrigued with the Anthem of Creation and is driven to learn about it. Unfortunately, her personal relationships have suffered as a result, and she carries more than a few secrets with her.

Faye’s motto is “The world is filled with mysteries. Chasing the solutions, that’s where the fun is.” She helps you navigate the dangers of the world while sitting in her Amplifier, which is a tech cockpit that lets her see data and tell you what’s happening.

She plays a role in the game's main story line.

Owen Corley

Owen is a cypher who works out of the Freelancer enclave in Fort Tarsis, a small town on the frontier in Bastion.  Born into poverty, he was sent for cypher training at a young age when he first showed sensitivity to the Anthem.  Owen spent most of his life studying at Bronelyn Satomi in Heliost.

Owen is an adventurer and mischief-maker at heart.  After leaving Bronelyn, he traveled for a number of years before settling down in Fort Tarsis to work with Freelancers.  However, the few contracts available have left him uninspired and dreaming of grander things.  He longs to operate a javelin of his own.

You first met Owen a little over ten years ago in the tiny city of Ponteix when he tried to steal from you. Despite this introduction, you had an unmistakable connection and spent the rest of your week having fun together.

Years later, after the failed mission into the Heart of Rage and rift with your team, your roaming and soul-searching took you to Heliost, where you bumped into Owen again. Since then, you’ve turned that brief friendship of the past into a solid partnership.


Zoe is a resident of Fort Tarsis. She acts as a Javelin mechanic, providing services for Freelancers.

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Matthias Sumner

Matthias Sumner is a dedicated Arcanist fascinated by Shaper technology who suffers from a strange affliction. He has a negative reputation among the Arcanists.

Matthias serves as an NPC in Anthem. The player has to locate him in a mission. He has been listed as a "companion" for the protagonist.



Brin is a socially awkward Sentinel who monitors Scar activity outside Fort Tarsis. She is more trusting of the Freelancers than many other Sentinels, and slowly opened up to the Freelancer; possibly the first Freelancer that she ever actually talked to.

She is a quest giver. Over time, Brin's relationship with the player character develops, and she slowly opens up. When out in the wild, Brin will sometimes give the player sass (e.g. "why did you miss that shot?") Most of her assignments involve tasking the Freelancer with protecting people.

Brin is not the leader of the Sentinels. She has been described as being (the equivalent of) "a mid-level lieutenant.



Tassyn is a member of Corvus, a spy agency that often comes up with assignments such as getting you to find a lost agent. They’re not working with you, as they have their own agenda and goals.