Unleash Your Destruction

We’ve all been there. Faced up against a roiling horde of fanged monstrosities, firing off round after useless round into the ocean of carapaced beasts, getting absolutely nowhere, and slowly at that. Well friends, we don’t have to live like that anymore. Meet Anthem’s Colossus, a hulking war machine designed to clear out entire hives of vicious predatory fauna with mounted artillery, heavy arms, or even, yes, a flamethrower. It’s got reinforced armor plating. It’s got jet propulsion. It’s got a cannon. I’m pretty sure it’s even got a cupholder (it doesn’t). If you’re looking to trample through the wilderness in comfort with heavy artillery strapped to your back, the Colossus is for you.

If you think subtlety is overrated and want enough artillery to take out a small army, unleash the pure devastation of this hulking war machine.

While each javelin can equip two weapons, the Colossus is the only javelin sturdy enough to wield any of the Heavy Weapons.

Focus: Resilience

Offense Style: Multi-Target

Defense Move: Shield

Jump Type: Rocket

Play Style: Heavy-Hitting Tank

Melee Ability

Colossus - Melee.JPG

Heavy Smash

The Colossus can use its massive chassis as a weapon both in a diving smash attack from the air and a hammering melee attack. This not only clears out smaller enemies instantly, but has a chance to knock down foes and leave them open to follow-up attacks.

Ultimate Ability

Colossus - Ultimate.JPG

Siege Cannon

The Siege Cannon is ideal for clearing out smaller enemies, controlling enemies in a choke point, or putting some extra damage on a boss.

Colossus Javelin Gear

Ordnance Launchers:

Utilizing the incredible strength of the Colossus, these shoulder-mounted weapons are capable of dishing out punishment to enemies near or far (your choice).

High Explosive Mortar: Bomb anything in your way with an explosive projectile that deals heavy damage to a small area.

Burst Mortar: Launch a volley of mini-mortars to blast everything in a huge area.

Firewall Mortar: Light the battlefield on fire with a huge wall of flame.

Lightning Coil: Give your enemies a shock with an arc of electricity that targets a random enemy.

Shock Coil: Hit every target around you with waves of electricity.

Heavy Assault Launchers:

The Colossus allows for the fitting of a number of wrist-mounted weapons that can complement its other destructive options.

Siege Artillery: Equip this classic and hit your enemies with a hefty rocket.

Flame Thrower: Turn up the heat with a continuous blast of pure fire.

Flak Cannon: Put your opponents down with a short-range scattershot blast.

Railgun: Hit one enemy hard with a destructive kinetic projectile.

Venom Spitter: Unleash multiple arcing shots of acid down on your enemies.

Support Gear:

Battle Cry: Incite enemies to attack you while lowering their elemental and physical resistance.

Shield Pulse: Give your friends a damage resistance buff.

The Not-so-gentle Giant

With its focus on damage mitigation and explosive power, the Colossus is a favorite among Freelancers who prefer a brute force solution to their problems. Whether you need the straightforward approach for a mission or you just like a little roomier fit, the Colossus is an amazing addition to your javelin arsenal.