CoUF Code of Conduct


  • Share your Anthem information/discoveries with each other in a helpful, inclusive, and non-toxic manner

  • Keep all suggestions, feedback, contributions, & input as constructive and as positive as possible

  • Remember that you are an "Anthem Ambassador" in continuing to spread a helpfulpositiveconstructive, and mature feeling/message to ALL other Anthem Pilots

  • This is NOT a place for starting a war, feud, beef, or ANY type of conflict between Guilds/Clans/Alliance & The Coalition of United Freelancers operate on a 3 STRIKE policy.

Violations will be treated in the following manner:

  1. Your first violation will result in a PRIVATE reminder of the CoUF Code of conduct.

  2. Your second violation will result in a PUBLIC reminder of the CoUF Code of Conduct.

  3. Your THIRD violation will result in you being REMOVED from BOTH the CoUF, the Official Discord, blocked from contributing to the website, and ALL existing posts, contributions, creative output, etc will be REMOVED from