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The Dominion

The expansionist, military regime from Stralheim that destroyed the city of Freemark when they attempted to control the Cenotaph. While their technological advances are noteworthy, their methods have shown little regard for life or individuality.

The Dominion is based in a kingdom located to the north of Fort Tarsis. It is lead by a mysterious individual known as The Monitor. The Dominion believe the way to survival is "peace through force," and to keep people on a short leash in terms of freedom. While the Monitor directs the Dominion for what he believes to be the greater good, this means that the Dominion is willing to carry out heinous acts in pursuit of its goals.

The Dominion is an ancient enemy of the Freelancers, whom they are philosophically opposed to. They have always been a threat to Fort Tarsis, and in the present day, they remain in conflict with the Freelancers. Like the Freelancers, the Dominion has access to Javelins.

Notably, they designed the Storm Javelin, though it later fell into the hands of the Freelancers.

The Dominion is attempting to use the Anthem of Creation as a weapon in order to establish their rule over the world. To achieve this they seek to retrieve Shaper relics. The Freelancers moved to stop them, as the Dominion's actions were putting everyone at risk.

The Dominion are the antagonists in the core campaign of Anthem, and are one of the game's four enemy factions.


The Monitor

The Monitor is the ruthless leader of the Dominion. He carries out his actions in the name of "the greater good," which has resulted in his kingdom carrying out heinous acts in his name.

The Monitor claims to have witnessed firsthand the destruction of civilizations in the world due to the Anthem of Creation. In the current day, he plans to use the Anthem for his own destructive desires, though claimed that with its power under his control, he could bring an end to humanity's suffering.



A colonial swarm of insects that mimics the dominant life-form in the area. Scars first appeared from a Cataclysm in 413 L.V. At the time, Freelancers defeated a large, vicious creature none of them recognized. Later, unknown to Freelancers, the Scars regrouped and changed their mimicry to appear human.

As one of the first eye witnesses stated: “This wasn’t just four or five insects. This was thousands! An entire colony working together to make arms and legs… to make heads and… eyes. They became people!”

Scars then hijacked Striders, cobbled together technology from scrap, and searched for Shaper relics. Inventive scavengers, they left nothing behind. As Arcanist researcher Hanni Blythe stated, “Empathy towards Scars is foolhardy, for their primary concern isn’t domination or survival, but mindless, thoughtless consumption. They’re a scourge, a plague upon this world.”








Elite enforcer

Legendary enforcer

Scar turret

From a gameplay standpoint, the Scars are the "baseline enemies" of Anthem. Their motivations and reason for battling the Freelancers will be revealed over the course of the game.