Info on Friendly Factions





Independent lancers who choose to follow General Tarsis and the Path of Valor. They silence cataclysms and aid those in need beyond the safety of the walls. Freelancers act without direct orders from any central organization. Though there is no official code, the modern perception of Freelancer values is attributed to Dalathie’s The Freelancers Three.

Valor to serve the people, regardless of their station.
Courage to bring silence when the Anthem sings.
Faith to keep my word and the word of my brethren.
Trust that the free answer when called.
Strong Alone, Stronger Together.


As explorers and researchers, we often find ourselves requiring a Freelancer’s sure hand to protect us from the wild world and, occasionally, ourselves. They give their lives for us, and yet we do not often acknowledge the value they bring beyond their martial skills. Freelancers are a special kind of historian. They can often tell you what’s over the next hill, what happened there, and with reluctance, who may rest there still.

- Arcanist Fell Watuk

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Arcanists are scientists, researchers, and scholars who study the mysteries of the world, from wildlife to Shaper instruments. While some are found teaching in classrooms, others spend their lives solving Shaper mysteries in the wilderness. They have long preserved the collected knowledge of humanity and consider their studies a spiritual and moral duty.

After the destruction of the library of Dunar, Arcanists published a common book of accumulated learning, known as Concordance. It stands as their most prolific work and a new edition is published annually.


The very ground upon which we build our homes has betrayed us, but we cannot blame the world for our troubles. The world is what it is. We shape what we can see, and adapt to the rest. We much be prepared, and we must have eyes that can see what’s coming. My dear hope is that my devices, like seeds planted in the deep stone, will grow and bear fruit. My hope is they will keep my home safe.

- Neth Stelus, speaking to the Council of Mentors in Antium on the establishment of underground beacons beneath Fort Tarsis. Transcript.



Cyphers are individuals with a sensitivity to the Anthem of Creation and are capable of telepathic communication and heightened mental calculation. Many young people who are identified as having this unique gift undergo ember exposure and dedicated training to enhance their mental skills.

When cypher abilities fir appear, Corvus sought to use these individuals for covert purposes. They developed amplifier technology and created a type of institutional training center called a Satomi. The most important and advanced of these is Esteraat, the premier Satomi located in Antium.

Later, the Cypher Revolution brought cyphers expanded rights, freedom to choose how their abilities were used, opening a new world of communication between settlements and in the aid of lancers. While javelins were invented long before the cypher phenomenon, the addition of cyphers to operations outside the wall has made all lancers safer and more effective.

“It was not long after the Cataclysm that the Engineer’s daughter developed strange new abilities. She could see faraway things or talk directly into another’s mind. Word of her gifts spread. Soon, Arcanists arrived and presented her with a bold experiment… to help them test a device that would amplify her gift. It started with great success, but eventually met with failure. The girl’s mind ventured too far from her body and became lost to the music of the Anthem of Creation. To this day, cyphers swear they glimpse the engineer’s daughter while in their amplifier. The first cypher, they say, watches over those who travel without moving, guiding them back from where she can never return” - Folk tale



The Sentinels are the chief upholders of the law throughout the cities and settlements of the world, including Antium, where they serve as the city's primary defensive force. Operating from Fort Tarsis, they believe in justice and order above all else, and see themselves as a bulwark protecting the people from the chaos of the outside world.

In the eyes of the Sentinel leadership, the Freelancers are a ragtag outfit whose fierce independence makes them unreliable. As such, they rarely coordinate with them. Still, like the Freelancers, the Sentinels venerate Helena Tarsis.

The Sentinels have access to their own Javelins, though tend to stay close to Fort Tarsis, keeping the populace safe from direct threats.

The Ranger is their Javelin of choice for front-line work.



Corvus is a shadowy organization that operates out of Fort Tarsis. An extensive network of intelligence agents, spies, and diplomats, Corvus's main goal is to scout out threats and remove them without direct confrontation. While they are not above having their operatives engage in targeted sabotage or an assassination now and again, they prefer to contract out any of their messier tasks to third-parties like the Freelancers.

Corvus is responsible for creation of the Interceptor Javelin, which they designed to serve as a scout.