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Northern Bastion

Nestled between the Sundric Sea and the mountains, Northern Bastion has a plethora of Shaper contructs and historical Legion of Dawn architecture, including the Fortress of Dawn.The population of this area has depleted greatly since the tragic destruction of Freemark and the subsequent mass exodus of the Arcanist settlement of Shadowmark. Fort Tarsis, the halfway point between Antium and the cities of Freemark and Heliost respectively, is the only settlement that remains in this area.


Arden's Road

This road to the sanctuary is thought to be as old as Velathra, perhaps indicating that it was built in the time of great optimism after the urgoth defeat.  The name "Arden's Road" has always existed, adding support to the old folk tale of the Princess and the Merchant.



 The Freelancer failure at the Heart of Rage has had one other unfortunate result.  With Freelancer numbers much reduced, the Scar population flourishes again, spreading to nearby Lakeshore, occupying the mine and destroying the water system in the area.  Scar scouts are once again an everyday occurrence, making travel more dangerous than ever.  Between this and the occupation at the gate to Heliost, I can't help but feel that the Scars are winning.

 - From The Heart Of Rage: A Discussion, a pamphlet by Edgar Cye


Darkwood Barrens

The place where Arden Vassa stood when building the Fortress of Dawn.  It's said that Vassa's use of ember was so powerful that it scorched the earth around him, changing the vegetation here forever.  The Darkwood Barrens is also the name of the satirical poem by humorist Constanza Yar.  The poem references Durnwin Dell, a royal prince who was also a famously inept lancer, though none in Antium's court dare point it out.  The verse recounts his supposed visit to the Fortress, where he battled insects and not much else, and caused a scandal in Antium society.

"Twas lithey in the brimmley glowves
Did in the Darkwood tarry fein
With swarms of bothers fakint roes
And Durnwin Dell did lance again.
When the pokes and pots were done
Not an insect did dare to shave
For Dell had fallen off the skoe
and did the Darkwood tarry fein."


Eddian Grove

The Eddian Grove is a must-see for day trips.  These are the only plants of this species in existence, and while they have a tree-like structure, Arcanists are divided over whether or not it is a tree.  As Tansy Hull wrote in her book The Joy of Botany, "It has a trunk, yet its top is soil and grass.  Without foliage, I can hardly consider it a tree." Regardless, if you happen to make it there, you can rest on its grassy tops and watch the clouds roll by or stars twinkling in the sky.

 - From Quest Advisor pamphlet


Exiles Arch

This pass leading to the Fortress of Dawn has a long history, not just as one of the Legion's defensive posts, but being the place they exiled one of their own.  The Legionnaire Verithan had murdered his friend Felux out of jealousy and Tarsis decided he should be banished rather than have Legionnaires spill human blood.  Today, Exiles Arch is still a key location for the banished as the primary location for outlaw hostage exchange.  When the authorities fail to arrive for a hostage exchange, captive are left alone at "The Hanging Tree," where they are more likely to be eaten by wildlife.

First Refuge.JPG

First Refuge

 I, Governer Tanner, do hereby approve the commencement of the extension of Fort Tarsis.  With this radio tower, the Emperor gives his Sentinels leave to patrol and coordinate the building of a new dawn for Fort Tarsis and the new people flooding in every day to take part in the exciting work here in Honor Valley.

 - From Transcript, Arcanist records


I'm sorry to say that I think we should halt the extension of Fort Tarsis to First Refuge until these strange creatures can be dealt with, which Freelancer Gurney assures me will be a week at most.  But rest assured, we will finish the project on time and on budget.

 - From Transcript, Arcanist records


Gathering Falls

 Gathering Falls is the water system that gathers effluence and takes it away from Fort Tarsis.  Not recommended as drinking water, though the Crop Terraces did prove remarkably fertile when this particular stream was used for irrigation.  Not all good things are gathered in this water system, however, and there has always been a number of dead animals and missing people discovered further down the way.

Governor Springs

Governor Springs has held many different names over the years.  First known as Upper Springs, it was changed by the ruling governor to "Flaxia Springs" after his daughter.  The next governor, who had experienced personal clashes with Flaxia, changed the name to "Busybody Springs." This, naturally, was addressed by the next governor in turn, who decided to put the naming of the waterway to a popular vote.  Suggestions included "Splashy Splashway," "The Babbling Brook" and "Water McWaterface." Public disagreement over the name led to a riot in a local pub, until the commander of the Sentinels stepped in and named it "Governor Springs."  This name has not since been contested.

Headless Hollow

There on the other side of the corridor was a lancer.  It was some sort of old javelin, not like the kind you see today...  its back was to me but I could tell something was funny about it.  Gave me the chills.  As I moved closer, I realized that the javelin...  had no head!  I must have gasped or made a noise or something, because then it turned around and looked at me.  Or at least it would have, but it had no head!

 - Eyewitness account

Honor Valley

It's awe-inspiring to think of brave citizens coming to Honor Valley to work the land without having to wear armor.  And though it is now abandoned, Honor Valley remains as a symbol of hope, a reminder that for one shining moment, mankind mastered the threat of the wilderness and expanded into new prosperity.  What heights this experiment might have reached if not for the new danger of Scars, we will never know.

 - From History of Scars by Hanni Blythe

Korox Shallows

Shallow water makes this a favorite area of korox, who gather here in mating season.  Korox mating is a violent, bloody affair, where females have been known to rampage and butt their heads against nearby rocks, occasionally causing avalanches.  The korox who do not make it through the mating ritual become carrion for grabbits and wolven hungry for a feast.  It should come as no surprise that Korox Shallows is to be avoided at certain times of the year.

Lost Road

Formerly called the East Strider path, this ancient road used to be a bustle of activity, but when Scars began ambushing striders, traffic became less frequent.  The term "Lost Road" was coined by strider drivers.

Lovers' Springs.JPG

Lovers' Springs

Said to be the place where notorious outlaw Gemma "Blondie" Dane and her opponent Kellye Belgat were found mid-gunfight and attacked by a pack of Brutes.  The Sentinel and the outlaw had to work together to survive, hiding out in nearby caves until the Brutes passed.  This cooperation sparked their doomed love affair, the inspiration for a storyline in the popular radio show, "The Crimson Lancer."

Memorial Gate.JPG

Memorial Gate

The "Phredies Par Memorial Lock and Parkland" is the strider entrance to Fort Tarsis, and a walking path developed just outside the walls for the purpose of recreational use.  In the time of the Great Expansion, Arcanist inventor and Engineer Phredies Par came to Fort Tarsis to build the Honor Valley Dam, and its success brought an era of peace and prosperity to the area.  The parkland is especially notable, intended as a well-guarded recreational hike for residents of the fort, but which had to be closed due to Scars.

Morning's Edge

An expansion of the Fortress of Dawn, Morning's Edge was abandoned when Arden Vassa locked the Fortress and went to Antium.  In recent years, it has become a favorite romantic spot for lancers, due to its prominence in "The Crimson Lancer" radio program.


Kista: "Morning's Edge? Why did we come here?"

Garaxis: "The same reason everyone else does."

Garaxis: "Delaro...  will you marry me?"

Kista: "Will I...? Yes.  Yes! Oh, Garaxis!"

 - From The Crimson Lancer radio program

Praedean Falls

While much of Velathra’s history has been lost, the story behind “Praedean Falls” remains. Of all the Arcanists who lived and thrived in Velathra, non was more famous than Yerth Praedean, an astronomics disciple. Not only did he map the cycles of the moons, but he was notoriously clumsy, and was often tripping over himself. His mentor always said, “Praedean, one day you are going to fall to your death,” and then one day, while lunching at the particularly slippery waterfalls, his mentor’s prophecy cam true. The Falls serve as a reminder that not every danger has teeth or comes our of a Cataclysm.

Silent Path.JPG

Silent Path

Ironically named strider path.

Skystone Pass.JPG

Skystone Pass

News from Fort Tarsis: Freelancers have defeated the outlaws holding the gate at Skystone.  Striders from Heliost will be able to to resume their paths through Fort Tarsis immediately.  Consequently, renovation of the palace rooftop will recommence shortly.

 - Transcript, radio broadcast, Antium


Breaking news: Scars have taken Skystone Pass.  Any travel to Heliost will have to use alternate routes.  The Emperor asks that any Freelancers willing to help should report to the wall for contracts.

- Transcript, radio broadcast, Antium

Strider Way.JPG

Strider Way

Sentinels posted along Strider Way: You must be aware that should an attack occur outside of your designated area; it will be dealt with by the Sentinels in the next area or by the nearest Freelancer.  Do not leave your posting.  Your job is not to chase monsters, but to defend the striders.  Be the wall.

 - Commander Raidon, Sentinel records

Tarsis Falls.JPG

Tarsis Falls

These falls, considered the most beautiful in the region, were named after the legendary general of the Legion of Dawn, Helena Tarsis.  It is not, however, a place she actually fell.   In the late 300s, Maldi Sett went over the falls in a barrel and lived to tell, starting a brief fad with youths in the time of the Honor Valley boom.

Tarsis Forest.JPG

Tarsis Forest

Most notable in this forest are the fierce-looking statues of an unknown beast, reminiscent of "The Hound" of Honor Valley, meant to frighten wildlife and keep them away from the settlement.  These statues are found along most major strider pathways in the Fort Tarsis area and were given the nickname "The Happy Anzu." But could this beast have once existed? Ancient Anzu Arcanists think so.

 - From Ancient Anzu, radio show

Tears of Liatrelle

While Urry and Perimodes bounded along the trail, singing "Karin the One-Handed Barmaid," Gillimer stopped for a moment to watch the Tears of Liatrelle fall.  How lucky he was to be here with his companions, and be reminded of Tarsis' most trusted friend.  He thought of how Liatrelle had stopped fighting to heal her friends, and how her compassion was just as important to the fight as her strength.  For a Freelancer without compassion was merely a flailing ursix in the woods.

 - From The Freelancers Three by Fallon Dalathie

The Bowl

As one eyewitness attests, "The Cataclysm wasn't that big.  We'd all seen worse.  But as the Freelancers were working to silence it...  the lake water began to boil.  And we were standing in it!  Didn't even realize.  If it wasn't for that Freelancer, we'd have been cooked like phiranix in a pot."

 - From Cataclysms and Their Effects, 16th edition

The Crop Terraces

The Battle for the Crop Terraces is the most significant Scar skirmish to date, in which Scars mounted their first organized attack against a human settlement.  It was a long and bloody battle, resulting in the total decimation of the fort's crops.  Antium sent supplies and troops north, but had difficulty crossing enemy lines, causing extra hardship to those in Fort Tarsis.  After the hard-won victory, it was decreed that the Scar population must never be allowed to grow that large again, and so "bug-hunts" became a necessary and dangerous practice for lancers in the area.  The Terraces haven't been cultivated since.

 - From History of Scars by Hanni Blythe

The Double Cross

Freelancer Galen Blewet had grown so disgusted by society's treatment of criminals that he chose to live in the wild.  He provided protection and supplies for those who had been cast outside the wall with nothing, and robbed as many striders as he had once saved.  He was notorious for holding people for ransom, and during a hostage exchange in 389, he was shot in the back by his best friend, Billy "Good Boy" Natarno, who wanted to collect the reward for Blewet's capture.

The Palisades of Idris.JPG

The Palisades Of Idris

The waterways of Great Falls Canyon collect and spill out into the Palisades of Idris, a small lake surrounded by the jagged cliffs that once protected humans fleeing the urgoth.  Here, the Statue of the Faithful looks out onto the water, watching for danger, and guards the Haven nestled in the rocks.

Vassa spoke, "In this place, the free people gathered and thrived.  And like Old Odris, the mentors taught the secrets of ember while protected by these cliffs.  In these Palisades did the dream of Idris come to pass.  And so will we pass through these Palisades and dream of Old Idris."

 - From The Volume of Tarsis by "Garred"

The Solarium Court.JPG

The Solarium Court

In the time of the urgoth, free humans lived underground, and with the urgoth defeat, humans sought to live above ground, in the open.  An Engineer and an Arcanist set out to build a wondrous solarium, where people from all over could come to find peace and reflection in nature... of course, that didn't go so well.  The project had to be abandoned halfway through construction when the workers were eaten by a pack of Brutes.  The moral learned from the Solarium Court is that looking for peace in nature is impossible.

The Pistons

We chased Malachi through to the Pistons, and as we took the small chute out, some of his cronies pushed a bolder on top of us.  I broke my leg.  They got away.  I have to give the outlaws credit... they really know the land.

 - Sentinel records

The Tower Road

"Scars have set up just off of Tower Road.  Downed the missing transport.  Stripped it for parts.  If we're not careful, they'll start building and then we'll have a bug problem on our hands.  But the Freelancers should be returning from the Heart of Rage soon enough.  I expect the issue will be contained.  Sorry for the letter; our cypher has been ill all week."

 - Letter to Antium, from Governor Teak

The Watchtower of Arath

According to Garred's "The Volume Of Tarsis," Arden Vassa built the citadel of Arath along the High Road as a base of operations for lancers to keep watch over the strider path.  While Arcanists place the time of the Citadel's destruction before the shadow fell on Anshar, there has been speculation over what could have demolished such a large structure, and while chimeric ompound is present, there is not enough evidence to support the theory of Cataclysm.  In recent years, there has been support for the idea of a titan having wreaked havoc, as stated in Dalathie's "The Freelancers Three."


 While not as large as Anshar, Velathra was a thriving Arcanist academy created by Arden Vassa, dedicated to the specific studies of astronomy and the mystery of the Shaper's Rings.  Record of Velathra's destruction has been lost, but tales passed down from Arcanist to Arcanist say that it was decimated when the Shaper Rings became active.

Honor Valley Dam

In 380, Arcanist Phredies Par came to Fort Tarsis with the daring idea of creating farmland in Honor Valley by diverting some of the water system.With approval from Antium, Par and a team of engineers and architects set forth to build the dam, completing it in 384.Farmers, Arcanists and Sentinels joined forces to plant and maintain the farmland, yielding more crop than most city terraces.

Howel's Tower

Central lookout tower for the dam area, named after Commander Yarrick Howel.  Commander Howel arrived from Antium upon the commencement of building the Honor Valley Dam, and was particularly diligent in his care of the workers in the area.  "He was tough," recounts Sentinel Fatima Lan, "but that's because he cared. He wasn't going to lose anyone on his watch.  And until the Scars... he didn't."  Howel died defending workers during the Scar attack.

- From History of Scars by Hanni Blythe

Mining Platform

The wonder of Skystone Mine, the new track technology which makes the transport of rocks and materials possible without javelins, opening up a new frontier of employment possibilities for people to use physical and not just mental strength in the workforce.

 - Transcript, radio broadcast, Antium

The Great Eddian

 Long ago, the graceful and majestic beast named the Eddian roamed our world.  Possessing deadly horns and hooves, none dare challenge the Eddian, none save the greedy Ezurite Anzu, who found it most delicious.  It hunted the Eddian until only one remained.  Freelancers decided to protect the Eddian and battled the Anzu at the watering hole.  The Anzu was driven off, but the Eddian was mortally wounded.  As it died, plants welcomes it back to the earth, and a great tree sprung from where it lay.  Freelancers still consider the Great Eddian to be in their protection, keeping their vow from long ago.

 - Folk tale

The Wedged Key.JPG

The Wedged Key

The Key is one of the most common Shaper ruins, found all over the known world.  What makes this one different?  It's believed to be an Anzu place of worship.  This figure has been found painted into various caves, with light coming its center.  So is it a ruin or a relic?  Ancient Anzu Arcanists think it's the latter.

 - From Ancient Anzu radio show