What is “The Battle Cry”?




EVERY good Freelancer knows that more guns equals more bullets, and more bullets equals more death & destruction rained down upon their enemies.

MORE Javelins make for EASIER work Pilots, so sound your “Battle Cry” and summon a squad of fellow Freelancers to your side! Take on the tough activities with confidence knowing you have seasoned, helpful, and like-minded Javelin Pilots flying in formation at your side!

Choose your preferred Anthem platform, sound your “Battle Cry” by posting the activity that you want to complete, and then wait for your fellow Freelancers to answer the call to arms!

“Battle Cry” Communities are available for the following Anthem platforms:

  • Xbox One

  • PlayStation 4

  • PC

Summon aid with your “Battle Cry” Freelancers!

There is GREAT strength in numbers Pilots!