WElcome to the Coalition Freelancers!

“The CoUF Barrack” is a members-only, “VIP” area that ONLY ENLISTED Freelancers of The Coalition of United Freelancers can enter.

These “Restricted Access” pages are places where CoUF Pilots can:

  • Trade information/discoveries with fellow CoUF members in platform specific communities & the CoUF community as a whole

  • Use a “Rallying Cry” to summon fellow CoUF members to help out with your chosen activities using the “CoUF Forums & LFG” pages (LFG for JUST CoUF Members)

  • Read SZKURZY’S SOAPBOX blog posts about Anthem, AnthemOutpost.com, and The CoUF

  • Have access to an “Enlisted Members” UserID/GamerTag list to find Pilots you prefer playing with

  • Get the FIRST updates about new features, content, and pages coming to AnthemOutpost.com & The Coalition of United Freelancers

CoUF Enlisted members will also be given FIRST PRIORITY for gaming sessions with High Council members across the multiple Anthem platforms.


Ensure that YOUR Launch Day Anthem online experience is the one YOU want!!!