Express your creativity Freelancers!

“The Forge” represents the “Creative Space” for Javelin Pilots to unwind, relax, share their Anthem Inspired outputs, and to discover their fellow Freelancers’ artistic side as well!

In “The Forge”, you’ll find the following pages:

  • Custom Javelins (Share & Check out customized Javelin paint jobs, texture layouts, vinyls, etc….)

  • Anthem Images (Galleries of Official EA/BioWare Anthem images, fan video captured images, fan created Anthem art, etc….)

  • Anthem Videos/YouTube Links (Galleries of Official EA/BioWare Anthem trailers, LiveStreams, and all other fan created Anthem videos)

  • Songs About Anthem (Links to songs from Anthem’s Soundtrack, original pieces created by Anthem fans, lyrics, etc….)

  • All Other Anthem Creativity (Everything else Anthem!)

Come share & discover what Anthem creative outputs have been “Forged” by your fellow Freelancers!