who are the “coalition of united FREELANCERS”?

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Freelancers throughout time have ALWAYS been a part of something greater than themselves, a cause that is worth fighting for, a belief in the best that humanity has to offer, and a steadfast code of honor to uphold/protect these standards.

The Coalition of United Freelancers (CoUF) is dedicated to following the same example set by The Legion of Dawn, and to forge ahead in creating a unified, positive, inclusive, helpful, mature, and cohesive Anthem Online community of like-minded Javelin Pilots who feel the same way.

Regardless of WHAT platform you are enjoying Anthem on, CoUF Freelancers will be available to call on to help “Sherpa” others through difficult in-game content, provide useful, positive, informative, and helpful feedback/answers to the rest of the Anthem Online community, and to provide ALL Freelancers the opportunity to experience Anthem in a relaxed,non-judgmental, light trash-talking, but overall POSITIVE experience online. 

By enlisting in the Coalition of United Freelancers TODAY, YOU are helping to ensure that there is a large enough pool of players in the CoUF so that no matter WHAT platform you're on, no matter WHAT activity you're looking to do, there will ALWAYS be enough other players to ensure that your Anthem experience is EXACTLY what YOU’RE looking for in the limited gaming time you may have to play!